Candide Americana

“I came to see your show yesterday afternoon and boy was I glad I did!  It was terrific!  I absolutely loved it!  Great script and direction and acting.  It blew me away!  You guys rocked!!!”

~ Mark Finley from TOSOS 

“Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful treat. We truly appreciate your hard work and for bringing laughter to our community. We definitely cannot wait to see more of that.”

~ Marie Degraff-Myal, Program Director, BCHS

“Great to have so much energy and talent and youth here.  This doesn’t happen every day.”

~ Resident at Amber Court

“I have never seen so much done with so little.”

~ Rich Mazur, Executive Director, NBHD

Shadow of Himself

“Hi, we saw the show on Saturday, It really was an amazing display of talent & coordination. Between the "surround sound " Sound effects and the magnificently timed lighting the characters were brought to life , so very up close and with really great proficiency. I left smiling...GOOD JOB GANG !!    

~ Sincerely, Mark Flynn

“I've just come from watching Shadow of Himself, and I was absolutely enraptured by what I saw.  The clarity and beauty of your work was a thrilling affirmation of my belief that with ingenuity and faith in the potency of theatre, there is no journey--no story--that it is beyond us as theatre artists to tell.  The proudest moments of my life in the theatre have been as part of close-knit ensembles striving for such simple truth in our work, and the nimble spirit of invention your website describes and your production made clear thrills me as an environment in which to work.  I would be delighted to be a part of that environment, to be a part of your ensemble.”

~ Regards, Thane Floreth

A Rope in the Abyss

“Ed...Thank-you for writing your play.  I was able to identify with your characters because I am a survivor.  For me it drove home the fact that brain injury is still unknown territory.  If you play was a video, I would watch it constantly.  Now that you have presented the plights of the brain injured in present day time, I wonder  what  the future hold for them.  As for me, I take each day as a it comes and do all that I can .  I wish you the best in all your productions.  Keep going forward and pushing the limits.
~ Sincerely, Odell Corbett

Since 2008, our outreach program (Theatre for Communities) has toured our work to social service organizations and other historically underserved Brooklyn communities free of charge. By bringing work directly to communities (performing at our partner organization sites), and offering tickets to underserved audiences, we’re creating a continuing opportunity for arts exposure.

Writer/performer Dan Kitrosser gets audiences involved during performances.

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